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Derek Mueller, Illustrator


About - Derek Mueller

Derek Mueller has been a long time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

As long as he can remember, Derek has loved drawing and painting people, places and things. He was inspired at about age 12, after seeing a traveling exhibit of Norman Rockwell's work, and decided then and there that he wanted to be an "Illustrator". Even after graduating from Stanford University (where he studied art, film and the culture of France in an effort to find his "real" calling) he still knew that a career in art was for him. Based on his own portfolio of works (he was entirely self-taught), he was awarded a full summer scholarship at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. However, unable to obtain the funding to continue and earn a full art degree, he instead went freelance and at age 25 was suddenly very busy working as a Storyboard Artist for many of the San Francisco Ad Agencies.

After a few years of this, Derek decided to move into professional finished illustration work, and inaugurated this decision with his oil painting of a "Farm Family" in the familiar Rockwell style. This painting was well received by the New York Society of Illustrators and a few years later Derek was spending at least half of his time creating finished work for publications such as Reader's Digest and Newsday Magazine, the other half still spent doing storyboards. His work has often been compared to Rockwell's in subject matter and style. He enjoys especially painting the joys and frustrations of everyday life in America and hopes to continue doing so for the rest of his career.

Derek has continued to expand the market for his illustration even after the "lean years" that began around the turn of the millenium. His main objective is to take his own ideas, mixing nostalgia with contemporary themes, and create a new blend of illustration and traditional art. With vintage illustrations from the "Golden Age" now in great demand by collectors, he feels that it is time that his own classically styled illustrations become recognized for what they truly are.

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