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    Derek Mueller Studio is home to one of America's great artistic talents. Derek Mueller began his career through study, both academically, at Stanford
    University in California, where he studied art and film, and experientially, by working to duplicate the styles and images of his favorite artists.

    After graduation from Stanford, Derek worked as a graphic artist employed by larger corporate entities.

    Finally, Derek became restless in the corporate world and struck out on his own as a freelance artist, portraitist, digital painter, and designer, a
    move that benefitted both Derek and his growing world of admirers.

    His breadth of talent and skills has been a blessing and a curse. Where other artists develop on style, in one media, for one particular audience,
    Derek has mastered multiple expressions and applications of the artist's creative touch.

    From compelling portraiture to corporate presentations, Derek's wealth of talent and skills make him one of the most appreciated professional artists
    of our day.

Derek Mueller Studio
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Derek Mueller Studio




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