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When complete this section will contain links to other information that is relevant or related to what I do.  

I will also try to maintain  a blog on my work and on the Americana style in general.  I consider feedback from the public at large to be one the most valuable assets an artist like myself can have.  It can exert an influence on the type of  subject matter I paint and the ways in which I choose to depict characters  and tell stories.

In the end, my art is really about you.  I hope that it  will help us to see the good that is in all of us, and remind us that there are some things that we all value in common as human beings, that  transcend all differences of ethnicity, politics and religion. 

If I succeed in doing this, and I will know that I have succeeded by what you tell me, then I will consider myself to be a very lucky man indeed.  

By telephone at 510 547-2080.


The Buccaneer
by Derek Mueller
The Buccaneer by Derek Mueller, Illustrator

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